Toyota Engine Core Charges





What is a core charge?

A core charge is a charge in addition to the cost of the component that is refundable when your rebuildable core is returned to NW Team Yota.  Non returned or non rebuildable items forfeit the core charge.


What is a rebuildable Engine Core?

NW Team Yota considers a rebuildable core to be a factory Toyota block that can be bored over to 020, 030 or 040.  Block must have no holes or cracks.  No modified or missing pieces.  NW Team Yota must receive original main caps installed with all bolts.  Cylinder heads sent to NW Team Yota for the purpose of a core must include camshafts, all camshaft caps with bolts, springs, keepers, retainer clips and spring pads.  Crankshafts sent to NW Team Yota for the purpose of a core must be turnable to next the bearing size.  NW Team Yota will deduct a core charge to all crankshafts that have lost a rod bearing this core charge is deducted due to stress fatigue and wear to bearing journal.  If NW Team Yota finds damage to the keyways the crankshaft will be charged a core charge.  Rods are checked for straightness and fatigue. See list below for cost of individual engines and components.


How do I get my core charge back?

When you receive your engine or part from NW TeamYota or with a core charge you are responsible for the packaging and shipping of the item or items.  Items must be returned to NW TeamYota in the original box or an additional charge may apply.  Transfer over all original components not included and return all components included with purchase.  It is your responsibility to package items returned to NW TeamYota or securely to avoid further damages.  Shipping cost and/or insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser in order to receive core refund.  Once NW TeamYota or receives your core it will be examined and if deemed acceptable/rebuildable a refund will be issued.


 How long do I have to return my core charge item?

You have 30 days from when NW Team Yota ships the part to you until you must have it returned to the NW Team Yota facility.  Once your core is received, NW Team Yota will examine your item and if money is due, NW Team Yota will refund your core charge within 14 days of receiving items.    


What if I don’t have a core or I keep my engine/part? This is fine, you can absolutely keep your item, we will charge you the core charge and no refund will be issued.




Contact us with questions you may have about your core, return shiping cores, or other questions.




Cores returned to NW Team Yota must be complete with no missing parts. All heads must have original cam caps. No cams caps = no core credit. Cores must be returned to NW Team Yota within 30 days include order ID.   NW Team Yota will only issue core credit for cylinder heads taken in exchange for the same remanufactured product sold. No substitution will be accepted. Cores are to be sent postage paid to: NW Team Yota /  ORIGINAL INVOICE MUST BE SUPPLIED WITH CORE RETURN IN ORIGINAL BOX.  Please keep a copy of your tracking number.

NOTE: NW TeamYota will not process incomplete cores. Incomplete cores will not be returned to customer. Partial credit may be issued for depending on condition of cores received.