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Toyota 22R 22RE Keith Black High Compression Long Block - KBLB8595

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  • Toyota 22R 22RE Keith Black High Compression Long Block - KBLB8595
  • KB Piston info
  • Keith Black piston installations guide for valve relief cuts
  • Keith Black 9.7:1 22R 22RE / NW Team Yota - YotaShop
  • Keith Black 9.7:1 22R 22RE / NW Team Yota - YotaShop
  • Keith Black 9.7:1 22R 22RE / NW Team Yota - YotaShop
Keith Black
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 Product Description

Toyota 22R 22RE Keith Black High Compression Long Block - KBLB8595

 The following components are upgraded from the standard 22R & 22RE engine. With correct carburetion and exhaust 150-160 HP can be achieved. This does now work with 81-84 22R engines or turbo applications.

  • Keith Black 9.7:1 Hypereutectic piston set
  • Performance camshaft
  • HD Valve Springs
  • Aisin OEM Oil Pump
  • Timing Cover
  • Improved Oiling Rocker Shafts

 At NW TeamYota / YotaShop we want to make sure that you get everything you want out of your engine. Engines are built differently for different applications, if you plan to use this engine for race application let us know. Most KB engines NW TeamYota / YotaShop sell are going into daily drivers with people trying to get a bit more power out of their 22R or 22RE engine. The KB engine works with the stock fuel system without modifications or problems. High compression engines require premium fuel. If you intend to use this engine in a race application we can build to suit your needs with different tolerances to accommodate higher engine revving and higher combustion temperatures. We can also balance rotating assemblies, lighten rotating assemblies, knife edge crankshafts, stress relieve rods, lighten flywheels and more. Call NW Team Yota / YotaShop for custom engine building info and pricing.

 Warranty Information

Rebuilt Engine Warranty 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty

The engines distributed by NW TEAM YOTA are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in parts or factory workmanship. Engine warranty covers NO LABOR. NW TEAM YOTA and YotaShop.com want to remind you to make sure you CHECK, SERVICE, OR REPLACE the following: radiator, water pump, thermostat, belts, catalytic converter, hoses, exhaust system catalytic converter, coolant temperature sensors, fan, oil pump, oil cooler and lines, oil pump pick up screen, torque converter, transmission and related components, distributor and or related timing pick-ups, modules, oxygen sensors, fuel filters, EGR valves, fuel regulators, etc.
This is not an unconditional warranty against all hazards and failures. Noncompliance to break-in procedures and oil requirements will void the warranty. NW TEAM YOTA does not assume any responsibility on behalf of the installing dealer, their technicians, and any parts transferred from original engine, or unauthorized repair work.
Additional installer and owners obligations; after the engine has been installed oil pressure must be achieved prior to starting the engine. New engines must be run thru a camshaft break-in cycle to properly mate the camshaft to the rocker arms or camshaft damage may occur. After initial run cylinder head bolt must be re-torqued to factory specification unless a torque to yield head bolt is used. Valve lash must be checked on all flat tappet valve engines after initial cam break-in.
After driving for 500 miles the engine oil and filter must be changed and the cylinder head and valves re-adjusted again. It is mandatory that all engine fluids be routinely changed, maintained and checked for proper levels as described within. It is also mandatory to change the oil and filter every 4,000 miles according to O.E.M. specifications. All of these services are the owner's obligations and should be documented with strict repair or maintenance records. Engine coolant must be maintained and checked for proper levels and protection. Coolant must be changed every 36 months or 36,000 miles or whichever occurs first.
Warranty information must be completed and mailed to NW TEAM YOTA within 30 days after delivery or pickup of engine or warranty or forfeit. Installing facility and owner of the vehicle must accurately fill out all warranty information and retain a copy of the warranty. All initial warranty notifications must be made through installing dealer. Failure to perform these conditions set forth herein voids the warranty. WARNING! If you replace your old engine or cylinder head(s) and do not check the above items mentioned for cause of failure, chances are any replacement can fail again! Take the time to determine the actual cause of the failure to insure you or your customer trouble free operation of this replacement unit.

NW Team Yota warranties to their purchaser that their remanufactured engine shall be free of defects from materials and or workmanship. Warranty requires installation by a certified technician. Warranty covers used for normal driving for the periods of time or distance specified on warranty sheet.
Warranty begins on original date of purchase. Subject to the following terms and conditions listed below. Note: Repair facility must contact NW Team Yota with owner information and diagnosis before any authorization of alleged warranty work is performed. Repair facility must notify NW TEAM YOTA to obtain work order authorization, NO EXCEPTIONS. No claims shall be honored if prior notification has not been obtained. NW TEAM YOTA reserves the right to have any and all alleged warranty parts inspected prior to claims being honored. Repairs or replacement will be made within a reasonable time, after receipt of goods deemed to be defective, enters our facility. NW TEAM YOTA reserves the right to have any and or all parts inspected by their original manufacturer for warranty determination. Any parts discarded by installing dealer for warranty claims will not be honored for reimbursement.
Alleged warranty parts will be held for 30 days after receipt and then discarded. All warranty claims are pending inspection of alleged defects in parts and/or workmanship. If any person and/or installer discard defective parts before NW Team Yota inspection, no warranty claim shall be honored. Unauthorized repairs will not be recognized or honored as a legitimate warranty claim. Customer irrevocably agrees to exclusive personal jurisdiction in the County of Clark, State of Washington with respect to all claims against NW Team Yota pertaining to the purchase of its product(s) or its warranty.

Faulty Installation:
Damages that are a result of faulty, incorrect or unqualified installation voids warranty. NW Team Yota will not be responsible for the failure due to undiagnosed pre-existing problems related to cooling, carburetion, fuel injection, egr valve, catalytic converter, electrical, computer-sensors, belts, etc. It is the mechanics responsibility to make any repairs needed and should be diagnosed and corrected before anything is replaced. ANY USE OF MEDIA BLASTING ON INTERNAL CONTACTING COMPONENTS WILL VOID WARRANTY.

I agree to terms (Initial here)_______________________________________

Warranty does not cover and is void as a result of abnormal operating temperatures (this includes melted or missing heat tabs that are adhered to the engine or cylinder head to monitor the operating temperatures). In addition the following criteria will void the warranty: accident, racing, lack of proper lubrication, misuse, detonation/pre-ignition, broken connecting rods or pistons (or subsequent damage to block) on supercharged or turbocharged engines, improper or contaminated fuel, and or oil, thrust bearing wear due to transmission related components or problems, faulty/rotted freeze plugs due to lack of cooling system maintenance and or ground straps and vehicle modifications that can damage the engine. Detonation/pre-ignition damage includes but is not limited to melted or broken pistons, rings, damaged cylinder head(s) and their related parts. Causes include inoperative or malfunctioning computer and or emissions control and ignition devices, clogged catalyst or exhaust systems, etc. Modifications include but are not limited to superchargers, computer PROM changes, over sized tires or anything that will alter the performance of the vehicle from its O.E.M. status. Gaskets that are not supplied or installed by NW TEAM YOTA are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty does not cover labor, towing, vehicle rental, oil, oil filter, Freon, antifreeze, incidentals, special consequential or exemplary damages resulting from loss of time, or use of the vehicle, or for any service not expressly provided herein, relating to or arising from products supplied by NW TEAM YOTA. Repairs or replacements do not extend or renew length of warranty, nor does it apply fault.

No Cash Refunds, Exchanges Only: Engine warranty covers repairs and or replacement of engine purchased, no refunds will be issued.

The warranty is voided by:
Misuse, negligence, alterations, accidents or fire.
Improper installation or repair or use of silicone.
Use of this engine in commercial vehicles or competitive events.
Failure to follow recommended maintenance requirements.
Failure to change oil within 500 miles.
Lack of lubrication or overheating.
Any repair or replacement not authorized by NW TeamYota

See the attached page for additional brake-in information to maximize the life of your new engine.
We stand behind our product and expect it to last long past the warranty period, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.
This warranty is endorsed by-
NW TeamYota Staff _______________________________ Date: _________
I have read and agree to all the warranty terms
Purchaser ____________________________ Date: __________

Date warranty begins:
Block #

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