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Toyota 3.4L 5VZ Plug and Play Engine Swap

Toyota 3.4L 5VZ Plug and Play Engine Swap


3.4L 5VZ-FE Plug and Play Swap 


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 This swap is intended for manual transmissions only.

This swap in no longer offered as California emission legal.

The engine you get- 3.4L 5VZ-FE used Toyota engine with about 90-130K miles. We do a CARFAX on all of the engines prior to purchase to verify mileage. Once we receive the engine we perform a leak-down test to check out the condition of the engines valves, head gasket, and rings. We remove the rod bearings cap for inspecting the condition of the bearings. We also install a new OEM timing belt and rear main seal on the engine. We feel this is a very thorough inspection process and these engines should last for a long time. These are still used engines and come with a 90 day warranty from the day you receive it. The warranty covers the mechanics of the engine and the sensors and parts included with the plug n play swap. Warranty cover replacement of parts and does not include any labor reimbursement.

How it comes- We wire the wire harness to plug into your dash harness connector plugs with the addition of a ground connector at the ECU. Fuel lines will need to be connected. With the parts provided and the factory parts on the 3.0L you won’t need anything else to connect the fuel system. The exhaust system will come with a custom driver’s side drop crossover pipe to keep the exhaust on the drives side of the vehicle. This exhaust will come with an O2 sensor bung for in front of your OBD2 catalytic converter. This will require welding to tie in. We recommend running a 2.5” exhaust system. All engines are sent with the side mount dip stick and the oil pan you need, 4x4 IFS, solid axle or 2WD. Swap comes with open element air filter, intake ducting and MAS, unless factory air box option is added. The factory EVAP emissions canister and parts are retained to keep the computer operating code free. Alternator and tachometer may require work on your end to make them work properly. Alternator plug end with 3 wires may need to be cut off on early years and connected to plug provided. Connector wiring comes color coded to make wiring simple. Tachometer mode requires that your remove your instrument cluster and solder a 10K resistor to the back of the tachometer gauge. 10K resistor provided, see photos of back of tach for location to solder resistor to gauge.

What we need – First we need the VIN# off of the vehicle that it is going into in order to get the correct wiring diagrams. Does your vehicle have a tach? Do you have oil pressure gauge or only light? If 4x4 are your hubs manual or automatic? With this we will be able to build your wiring harness to plug into your dash harness. There are a few other parts that we need off of your old 3.0L if you have one. These parts are thermostat housing; Motor mount brackets 90-95, wire harness dash connectors with 8” wire (see photo), oil pressure sending unit, oil pan, oil windage tray, oil pickup tube. If you return these parts in undamaged condition we will refund your $100.00

How it travels- We send the engine ready to drop in fully assembled as much as possible. It comes to you in a crate on a pallet. This pallet will be about 44”x32”x44” and weight 550 lbs. We ship to a business with a fork lift or loading dock. If you are installing the engine yourself we can ship to a shipping hub close to your home or we can have the engine delivered to a residence for an additional $150.

Clutch choices- You can use a factory 3.0L clutch kit and flywheel or you can use the heavier 3.4L flywheel with heavier duty clutch. If you use the 3.4L clutch and flywheel you need to use the 3.0L factory clutch release bearing. 3.0L starter is used. 3.4L starter can be used by removing threads from the upper hole and lengthening the starter trigger lead.


Upgrades- All upgrades have free shipping!

  1. 3.0L Clutch Kit  
  2. 3.4L Conversion Clutch Kit 
  3. 5VZ Surfaced Flywheel
  4. Drivers side Battery Tray (Can be bolted or welded in)
  5. Passenger side factory air box with air filter
  6. New Power steering and alternator belts, upper and lower radiator hoses, NGK plug wires, Toyota plugs, Toyota PCV, OEM thermostat, Toyota oil filter
  7. 2.5” Magnaflow stainless steel muffler, 2.5”, high flow OBD2 catalytic converter, 02 Sensor weld in bung for mounting second 02 sensor. 
  8. Complete timing kit- We install a new OEM timing belt with all engines.  While we are in there we can also install a new Aisin water pump, idler bearing, tensioner bearing, cam seals, and oil pump front main seal.
  9. Cleaned and balanced injectors installed
  10. Rebuilt engine with 2 year/24,000 mile warranty add




Order 5VZ-FE Plug and Play by Clicking Here 

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