4 Things To Know Before Buying a Used 4Runner

4 Things To Know Before Buying a Used 4Runner

29th Sep 2022

More people are buying used products than ever before, and while there are a lot of benefits to buying used, it can sometimes be a mixed bag. There’s a lot to consider to ensure you’re getting the right thing and that it works, especially when it comes to bigger purchases like cars. Read on to learn about four things you need to know before buying a used 4Runner.

Which Generation You’re Buying

Like every other car brand, the Toyota 4Runner has changed significantly over the years. While it has stayed a great vehicle through those different generations, you should still know what you’re getting into with each one. The first two generations of 4Runner looked great, but they had their fair share of mechanical issues you may want to avoid. The newer generations, since the year 2000, have all been pretty good vehicles in terms of quality and what you can do with them mechanically. Anything older, and you may face a lot more issues.

It Has Its Pros and Cons

While the 4Runner is one of the better vehicles on the market, that doesn’t mean it is perfect. You’ll end up paying more for this vehicle than another used car because it is incredibly durable and reliable, even if it’s old. The 4Runner is a solid vehicle that’s great for all kinds of driving, even off-roading. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the greatest fuel efficiency. Even the newer models with V6 or V8 engines have lower fuel efficiencies than their counterparts. There’s also the possibility of interior issues with different parts, such as the belt, rear springs, and transmission cooling tubes.

Check for Recalls

There have been numerous recalls in the history of the 4Runner. Each generation has one issue or another that’s warranted a recall, so when you buy used, you should check it to ensure everything is up-to-date. The recalls happened for a reason, and it’s necessary you get your car taken care of. Ask for service records and recall information when buying the 4Runner, and take it to a mechanic to double-check everything.

It Is Used

If you’re buying a used vehicle, there are some issues you’ll have to deal with, but you should prepare yourself for the possibility of more issues than expected. At the end of the day, someone wanted a different car and put this one back onto the market. That may mean they just wanted a newer car, but it could signify that the car has some issues the previous owner didn’t want to deal with.

Learn to look for these things before buying a used 4Runner to ensure you end up with a long-lasting, high-quality vehicle. There are so many used vehicles on the market now that it’s hard to know if you’re getting something that needs a little work or something that can barely drive. If your 4Runner works well but needs a little more help, we have you covered at Northwest Team Yota. We offer all kinds of Toyota 4Runner accessories and parts you’ll need to get it driving good as new!