5 Fun Facts You May Not Know About the Toyota 4Runner

5 Fun Facts You May Not Know About the Toyota 4Runner

8th Nov 2022

Toyota has always been a unique car brand, making vehicles that are reliable enough to be the best sellers of all time while creating unique vehicles like the 4Runner. This model hasn’t been around the longest, but it is still one of Toyota’s most recognizable vehicles. If you keep reading, you’ll learn some fun facts you may not know about the Toyota 4Runner.

They Are Dependable

Part of what makes the Toyota 4Runner so interesting is its dependability, making it a long-lasting vehicle. You’ll encounter some new 4Runners on the road, but you’re more likely to see older models passing you on the highway. These vehicles are practically indestructible, and a lot of 4Runner owners will sell their vehicles to new drivers while they upgrade to the newest 4Runner model on the market.

The Name

One interesting fact about the 4Runner is the name itself! It was marketed as the Hilux Surf in Japan and known as the 4Runner overseas. The name 4Runner was created by copywriter Robert Nathan for a contest within the advertising company. Toyota was emphasizing the 4x4 capabilities of the vehicle, and Nathan wanted to play with that and coined the term “forerunner!”

Where in the World

Toyota ceased selling the vehicle in Japan around 2009, but it continues selling in other parts of the world. As of 2021, Toyota markets the 4Runner in the following 12 countries:

  • The Bahamas
  • Bolivia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • United States
  • Venezuela

While Toyota continues to market the 4Runner in these countries, it exists second-hand in many other countries.

Different Generations

The 4Runner has been through many iterations since 1983. Each generation sees different advances and changes. The brand released the second generation of 4Runner in 1989, the third in 1995, and the fourth in 2002. The current generation was released in 2009. Each generation lasts around six to seven years, but the most recent generation has been around for 13 years! Only time will tell if Toyota will release a new generation of 4Runner, or if this one will be the last.

40th Anniversary

Another fun fact about the 4Runner is that next year, 2023, will be the 40th anniversary of the model. To celebrate the occasion, Toyota has done a limited run of a 2023 4Runner in North America, producing a little over 4,000 units. You can choose from three exterior colors, and a special Solar Octane paint is limited to the 2023 model TRD Pro.

You may not have known about these Toyota 4Runner facts, but now you do, and you can see why the 4Runner is one of Toyota’s best vehicles! If you already have a 4Runner but are struggling to get it on the road, come to us at Northwest Team Yota! We have all the Toyota 4Runner restoration parts you’ll need to get your exciting vehicle back in action!