Common Problems You’ll Encounter in the Toyota 4Runner

Common Problems You’ll Encounter in the Toyota 4Runner

22nd Mar 2023

Toyota has made a lot of different vehicles over the years, and one that has stood out for almost 40 years now is the 4Runner. It’s one of Toyota’s sports utility vehicles that has quickly dominated the market, but unfortunately, there are still some common problems you’ll encounter with the Toyota 4Runner. Like every other car, it isn’t perfect and is still subject to its own issues that you should know about.

Airbag Problems

One problem many 4Runner drivers run into that you won’t even recognize until it’s too late is airbag issues. Some 4Runner airbags have issues deploying, or they’ll deploy dangerously and end up injuring you and your passenger. Injuries include:

  • Neck strains
  • Bleeding
  • Whiplash
  • Fractured vertebrae

It’s a scary situation when the thing that’s supposed to protect you may be doling out more harm than the car crash itself. Toyota has identified a malfunctioning sensor as the significant cause of these issues. One sign of this issue with this sensor is your airbag light randomly comes on. If that’s happening in your 4Runner, it’s time to take it to the dealer or a mechanic.

Service Brake

The service brake is what you use to slow and stop your vehicle when it’s moving, and many 4Runner drivers have noticed issues with their braking systems over time. One of the most common service brake issues that drivers are experiencing is their brake caliper seizing and damaging the other components in their 4Runner. This brake disc caliper is supposed to slow your wheels with friction, but they’re seizing and wearing out the rotors and brake pads prematurely.

Other 4Runner drivers have also complained about a failing antilock brake system (ABS) that’s led to them getting into accidents or running off the road. Similar to the airbag problem, this has happened in 4Runners because of a bad sensor, but it could also be faulty wiring, or you could have the wrong brake fluid.

Structural Issues

Another component of the 4Runner that many drivers have found issues with is the structure of the entire vehicle. The frame is one of the biggest sources of concern, as many drivers have begun noticing rust and corrosion that only worsens over time. Similarly, some 4Runner drivers have found cracks in their dashboards and doors not closing properly. Issues like these can seem small initially, but they add up and lead to you feeling unsafe while driving your 4Runner.

These are the most common problems you’ll encounter in the Toyota 4Runner, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can avoid these problems or fix them before getting out of control. However, recognizing the problems isn’t enough. You’ll need to open the hood and get to work, and at Yota Shop, we’ll help make that work easy. We have plenty of different generations of Toyota 4Runner OEM parts you can use to fix up your 4Runner and get it back on the road in no time!