How To Choose the Right Lift Kit for Your Toyota Tacoma

How To Choose the Right Lift Kit for Your Toyota Tacoma

8th Mar 2023

Many drivers want higher clearance off the road, so they invest in lift kits. These kits are great ways to add a few inches to your truck’s height, but different lift kit options exist. Choosing the right lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma will require planning and research, so read on to start the process.

What Is a Lift Kit?

Before jumping into choosing the right lift kit for your truck, it’s important to break down what a lift kit is. By understanding its purpose and its different components, you can better understand which lift kit is right for your Tacoma.

In simple terms, a lift kit adds height to your truck, setting the frame higher than normal. Additionally, there are two basic kinds of lift kits—a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit. The body lift kit adds a few inches between the body and frame of the vehicle, while the suspension lift kit allows you to decide how high you want your vehicle.

Body Lift Kits

With a body lift kit, you increase the distance between the chassis and your vehicle’s body by adding spacers. You will ride higher in the vehicle without any additional modifications, but the ground clearance will remain the same. However, with the increased distance between the chassis and body, you can invest in larger tires and wheels that add ground clearance.

Suspension Lift Kits

Alternatively, a suspension lift raises your vehicle’s entire frame and body. You can do this with your suspension lift kit by extending or completely replacing the original suspension system. There are a lot of different components in a suspension system that you can switch out and modify to get you the height you want. These components include the following:

  • Lift blocks
  • Coil springs
  • Shackles
  • Torsion bars
  • Shocks

These systems are more complicated than body lift kits but offer more for the driver.

Body Lift Kit Pros

Body lift kits are very popular and offer many benefits for some drivers. For one, these body lift systems are significantly less expensive than suspension lifts. They don’t offer as much, so the price makes sense, but it is still an important factor to consider. On top of that, body lift kits are simple to use, meaning you won’t need to go to a professional mechanic to install them. Instead, you can install the kit yourself.

In addition to being cheaper and easier to install, body lift kits aren’t very invasive. This means your truck’s handling won’t change much. It will have some slight differences, especially if you invest in larger tires and wheels, but the change won’t be as dramatic as it would be with a suspension lift kit. Body lift kits will only raise your truck by about 3 to 5 inches, so the center of gravity of your truck stays about the same. Maintaining handling is a positive because you’ll need to be able to handle your vehicle when you go off-roading, which is why many truck owners invest in lift kits.

Body Lift Kit Cons

There’s a lot to love about a body lift kit, but there are some drawbacks to consider. One of the bigger drawbacks is that modifying your truck with a body lift kit will take some time. Yes, you don’t need to go to a mechanic, but hoisting and bolting your vehicle’s body still takes a while.

Additionally, with a body lift kit, your vehicle’s frame becomes much more visible. Since factory bumpers don’t rise with the body, you’ll need to buy a new bumper if this is an aesthetic concern for you.

Another drawback is that body lifts don’t help with your truck’s performance and can actually hurt it. This style of lift kit is heavier, which can negatively impact your fuel economy. The added weight can also impact your truck’s behavior in crosswinds or around corners.

Suspension Lift Kit Pros

Suspension lift kits are more expensive than body lift kits, but that added dollar value is there for a reason. These kits are much more complicated but have much more potential than body lift kits.

The first and most noticeable change a suspension lift kit adds is increased ground clearance without investing in new wheels and tires. With a suspension lift kit, you get that additional clearance, and you have more flexibility with the tires and wheels you choose. So you can potentially raise your truck by 9 inches.

Suspension Lift Kit Cons

Suspension lift kits are expensive and are more invasive, so you must work with professionals to install them properly. Also, suspension kits require a hefty amount of maintenance, and replacement parts and repairs are expensive.

And although these kits can do a lot to lift your truck, that added clearance has some drawbacks. For example, the added height and weight affect the center of gravity in your truck, making smooth handling difficult. Plus, this added height makes getting in and out of your truck more complicated.

Additionally, the lift kits may void your truck’s warranty. In general, lift kits will only void the suspension and drivetrain part of your Tacoma warranty, not the entire vehicle’s warranty. However, it’s still smart to check with your dealer.

Leveling Kits

You can invest in a suspension or body lift kit, but there’s also a third option—a level kit. The Tacoma typically comes off the lot with a rake in the suspension, meaning that the front of the truck is lower than the back end. If all you want to do is make the front end of your truck sit even with the rear, you should invest in a leveling kit. It will level your vehicle and allow for larger tires that help with ground clearance.

Choosing the right lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma is important to ensure the clearance you’ve always wanted, both on and off the road. However, knowing which lift kit to get is only half the process—you also need to find and buy that lift kit. But no need to fret—just come to us at Yota Shop! We have all the Tacoma truck parts and lift kits to turn your Tacoma into the truck you’ve always wanted.

How To Choose the Right Lift Kit for Your Toyota Tacoma