Tech Talk About Toyota 3.4L 5VZ-FE Engine Swap

Tech Talk About Toyota 3.4L 5VZ-FE Engine Swap

Posted by Yota Shop on 26th Jul 2018

The Toyota 3.4L 5VZ Swap replaces your factory 3.0L 3VZ-E with the later 3.4L 5VZ-FE out of the Tacoma’s, 4Runners and T100’s. The 3.0L 3VZ-E engine is a single over-head cam engine that puts out 145hp. The 3.4L 5VZ-FE engine is a double over-head cam engine that puts out 190hp. With this swap you gain 45hp, newer OBDII engine management system and the highly reliable 5VZ-FE engine. With this swap the engine is bolted into the factory motor mounts and bolts up to the transmission. The swap requires electrical work to tie the new engine management system into the factory vehicle wiring and keep all systems functioning properly, custom exhaust work to tie the new engine into the existing exhaust system and install an OBDII compliant catalytic converter. Fuel lines, EVAP system, heater and radiator hoses, air intake system and sensors must also be installed. The swap takes about 2 week's to complete and looks like a factory installation when complete. There should be no check engine lights for problems (yes, the check engine light will function properly). 

Easiest to install into a manual transmission 3.0L Truck, 4Runner or T100

California C.A.R.B. emission legal swaps. This includes a factory air box and relocating the battery to the drivers side. This also includes California correct muffler, o2 sensors, catalytic converters, ECU and emissions equipment. NO LONGER OFFERED DUE TO NEW C.A.R.B LAWS!!

Clutch choices-You can use a factory 3.0L clutch kit and flywheel or you can use the heavier 3.4L flywheel with heavier duty clutch. If you use the 3.4L clutch and flywheel you need to use the 3.0L factory clutch release bearing. 

Starter - 3.0L starter is used. 3.4L starter can be used by removing threads from the upper hole and lengthening the starter trigger lead.

A/C - if you want to keep your A/C system functional (88-92) you can remove the top plate on the factory 3VZ A/C pump and bolt it to the top of the 5VZ A/C pump. (92-95) R134 you can remove the A/C pump clutch and replace it with the  5VZ A/C pump clutch.

cruise control - if you want to keep your cruise control working. The cruise control unit will need to be move from the drivers side fender to the passenger side. The electrical lines will need to be lengthened and vacuum line rerouted. The cable will also need to be modified. We have found it easiest to cut the cable at the throttle body and attach the 5VZ cruise control cable end.

Swap Parts

Toyota 3.4L/5VZ (95-04) Engineif you want a full rebuilt 3.4L 5VZ with 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.