Rebuilt Toyota Engines

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Rebuilt Toyota Short Bock = Assembled bottom end- block, rods, pistons, and crankshaft.

All of our rebuilt Toyota blocks are stripped down to the bare block. Freeze plugs and galley way plugs are removed for thorough cleaning. Blocks are measured and inspected with acceptable blocks surfaced with new timing cover installed. Surfacing insure a flat machined surface for the head to sit on and removes any block distortion and electrolysis around the water jackets. Blocks are torque plate bored for .020 or .040 over sized pistons. Then finish honed with each piston individually matched to individual cylinders with correct piston to bore clearances. Pistons are new, with new piston pins, clips, and pin bushings. Pistons are hung on the rod with bushings machined out to proper piston pin to bushing oil clearance. Rods are cleaned, inspected, re-sized on large end. Crankshafts are turned to.010 or .020 over-sized and micro polished. New main, rod and thrust bearings are installed with the measurements verified to factory clearances. 

Rebuilt Toyota Long Block = Short block with cylinder head installed and timing set installed.

Rebuilt Toyota long blocks also include all new timing components installed. The only timing sets we install on our engines are OSK or Aisin the OEM brands. New oil pumps are Aisin Co with oil clearances measured. Cylinder heads are re-manufactured or new depending on your choice. Re-man heads are completely stripped down, inspected, measured and pressure tested. Cam line is honed, head is surfaced, valves and springs are reconditioned, seats inspected and replaced as needed, new guides and seals installed. Bolt and plug holes are tapped and threads repaired as needed. Camshafts are stock grind with RV cam options available. Rocker arms are new (not refurbished) with tappets. Rocker shafts are new shafts with cleaned towers. All engines have new head bolts torqued to spec. To get the most out of your engine we recommend breaking the engine in with a ZDDP (zinc and phosphate additive) for the first 500-1000 miles. After this time it is also crucial to re-torque the head bolts and readjust the valves.